Freedom To Learn Project | ESRC launch event a ‘call to action’
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ESRC launch event a ‘call to action’

The ESRC seminar series launch event in London (October 2014) was an opportunity to bring together some – but no means all – of the people who are interested in freedom, autonomy, democracy, educational alternatives and social equality. We came from different walks of life and had different interests. Geographers talked to Sociologists. College teachers ate lunch with University Professors. PhD students debated with former school Head Teachers. Networks started to form. Ideas were generated. There was a tangible excitement in the air.

Prof Diane Reay from the University of Cambridge was the first keynote speaker at the event. She ended her speech with a call to action:

“Together we need to build a new ethical and moral framework for the 21st century that allows people to become more comfortable and at ease in the society they live in – one that centres care and concern, empathy and solidarities across differences.”

This seminar series has huge potential to allow us to respond to this call to action. It can be a genuinely grassroots initiative which enables us all to form new connections, to learn from one another, and to move forward. We want more people to be involved – please sign up to our network, and come to an event if you can. The next one is in March 2015.


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