Freedom To Learn Project | Freedom to Learn in Mexico
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Freedom to Learn in Mexico


In February 2015, an exciting new initiative will take place in Monterrey, Mexico. Dr Catherine Montgomery (University of Hull) and Dr Juan Manuel Fernandez-Cardenas (Tecnologico de Monterrey) have been given a grant from the British Council to run a workshop entitled ‘Educational Dialogue and transformative learning in STEM subjects in Mexico and the UK’. Fifteen UK-based researchers will meet with fifteen Mexico-based researchers to develop networks and build sustainable new projects for the future. This should be an amazing opportunity to share ideas and experiences about using dialogue and transformative learning. Four of the participants are already actively involved with the Freedom to Learn Project (Dr Will Curtis, Dr Max Hope, Dr Catherine Montgomery and Dr Juan Manuel Fernandez-Cardenas). Watch this space for more news on the workshop and the inevitable projects that will unfold as a result.

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