Freedom To Learn Project | New EFFE Event on Creative Approaches to Curriculum
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New EFFE Event on Creative Approaches to Curriculum

Creative Approaches to Curriculum

Seminar with Professor Graham Donaldson, Lesley James, Mike Davies, Kari Jorgensen and others

How can we best prepare children and young people for life in an uncertain world? Should we continue with the traditional subject-based approach to learning or should there be more emphasis on the skills and competences that young people need to survive and thrive? In an age when children can find out anything at the touch of a screen they need to be able to understand and apply what they find. How can schools motivate and inspire whilst also fostering the skills and attitudes that will enable them to make a positive contribution to their communities – both local and global.

Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence opens the way to more creative ways of learning. To make the most of such opportunities, bold steps and new thinking are required. What are the barriers that prevent schools from embracing new educational futures and how can they be overcome?

Following the successful EFFE Symposium in May 2015 on Improving Social Equity through Education this event is being organised to explore different approaches to learning, to hear from experienced educators who have been at the chalk face of educational innovation both in the UK and further afield and to discuss new ways forward towards more equitable and more imaginative systems. This will be an interactive event, focusing on secondary education, where participants are able to share experiences and learn with and from each other.

Cost: £125 to include refreshments and a light lunch

Venue: St Leonard’s Hall, University of Edinburgh

For more information and to book a place, go to:

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