Freedom To Learn Project | New Issue of Other Education Journal out now
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New Issue of Other Education Journal out now

Other Education is an online international academic journal with a keen interest in ‘enabling and enhancing movement of education towards the democratic, the autonomous and the socially just’. It’s creator and Editor-in-Chief is Dr Helen Lees, one of the Freedom to Learn Project Team.

As it explains, ” … in line with a love of the democratic, our focus is the theory, philosophy and practice of educational alternatives. Educational alternatives signifies alternatives to mainstream practices of education and schooling – home schooling, home education, and de-schooling – and alternative approaches within mainstream practices of education and schooling – alternative conceptions and practices of schooling, democratic schools, student voice, student-centred education, and the like.’

Best of us, it is completely open-access, which means that copies of all of their previously published articles can be downloaded for FREE.

If you are interesting in submitting a paper, or in checking out their articles, go to:




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