Freedom To Learn Project | Special Issue of FORUM out NOW
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Special Issue of FORUM out NOW

The Freedom to Learn Project has been working on a Special Issue of an academic journal. This is FORUM: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education.

The journal is OUT NOW.

Go directly to the FORUM website for more information or to download abstracts and papers. Click on:

Details below:

Thinking the Yet to be Thought: envisioning autonomous and alternative pedagogies for socially just education


Michael Fielding. Introduction. Freedom to Learn, pages 303-305 OPEN ACCESS VIEW FULL TEXT

Catherine Montgomery & Max A. Hope. Thinking the Yet to be Thought: envisioning autonomous and alternative pedagogies for socially just education, pages 307-314 OPEN ACCESS

Wayne Au. Social Justice and Resisting Neoliberal Education Reform in the USA, pages 315-324

Diane Reay. How Possible Is Socially Just Education under Neo-liberal Capitalism? Struggling against the Tide?, pages 325-330

Terry Wrigley. Opening up Pedagogies: making a space for children, pages 331-338

Ciara Draper, Jack Houghton, Beth Read, Danny Bird & J.J. Tatten. A Socially Inclusive A-star is Only Possible through the Understanding of Black Holes, pages 339-344

George Myconos, Joseph Thomas, Kimberley Wilson, Kitty Te Riele & Luke Swain. Educational Re-engagement as Social Inclusion: the role of flexible learning options in alternative provision in Australia, pages 345-354

Charlotte Dean. Seeking Educational Excellence Everywhere: an exploration into the impact of academisation on alternative education provision in England, pages 355-361

Deborah Ralls. Developing Democratic Engagement in School: can becoming co-operative help?, pages 363-370

David Leat & Ulrike Thomas. Productive Pedagogies: narrowing the gap between schools and communities?, pages 371-383

Alys Mendus. Transforming Pedagogy in Primary Schools: a case study from Australia, pages 385-389

Daniel Ford. Stepping off the Well-trodden Path: is a wilder pedagogy possible?, pages 391-397

Helen E. Lees. Choosing Silence for Equality in and through Schooling, pages 399-406

Paul Warwick. Education for Sustainable Development: a movement towards pedagogies of civic compassion, pages 407-414

Louise Mycroft. Northern College and the Philosophers of Praxis, pages 415-419

Martyn Steiner. Freeing Up Teachers to Learn: a case study of teacher autonomy as a tool for reducing educational inequalities in a Montessori school, pages 421-427

Thanks to all of our contributors.

Any feedback much appreciated.


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